Q: Do these glasses really work?

A: Yes, the Akimbo Gaming Glasses are FDA registered and really do make a difference! By blocking the harmful blue light emitted from TV screens and monitors, you may notice a decrease in eye dryness, fatigue, and straining. Reducing these effects help to increase your reaction time and precision. Play longer, win more. 

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: AGC gaming glasses take 3-5 days to ship in the US. However, this is an estimation and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Please allow up 1-2 business days for fulfillment. Apparel items take 1-2 weeks to print and ship in the US. 

Q: I received an email that my package was delivered, but I never received it.

A: First, double-check to ensure you provided us with the correct shipping address. If it is correct, check-in with neighbors or your local post office to see where it may have been left. Note: our packages are small enough for mailboxes and are most commonly delivered in them! 

Q: I entered the incorrect shipping address!

A: If you have entered the incorrect shipping address, please notify us immediately. Packages are generally shipped 24-48 hours after placement, so we may be able to change it for you before it is sent. Unfortunately, once the package has left our hands, we are not responsible for a missed delivery if the provided address was incorrect. 

Q: When are you going to introduce new styles?

A: We are constantly looking to move forward and improve our brand. New styles are always being researched, and we love to hear your suggestions!

Q: Can I return/exchange my product?

A: Please refer to our Return Policy for more information. 


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